More Than Grocery Coupons
Saving Money Has Never Been So Easy!

Billions of Dollars in Savings
We'll Help You Get Your Piece!

More Than Grocery Coupons
Saving Money Has Never Been So Easy!

Billions of Dollars in Savings
We'll Help You Get Your Piece!

More Than Grocery Coupons
Saving Money Has Never Been So Easy!

Billions of Dollars in Savings
We'll Help You Get Your Piece!


"I have 4 kids and I want to thank your for taking time out our your day in sending me coupons. It has been greatly appreciated by our family. It really save us a lot of money, which we don't have. You do a good job. I don't know if one person or other people are involved but just keep up the good work, May god bless you ."
Phyllis Lloyd, Indianapolis, IN

"Hi! I am an avid coupon clipper and I go armed with all I have when I shop. Your service is the best I've seen in the country. I have tried others in the past and was disappointed after the first order. When I received my first order from you, I was overjoyed! You have a large selection of coupons and I get quite a few I would love to get locally but I never will. My mother pays $12 a month for a similar service through one of her credit cards and it pales in comparison. Keep up the great work and thanks for helping our family save toward a new car!"
Mrs. Julian San Miguel, Houston, Texas

"Thank you so much for your coupon program. I have had financial challenges over the past few months and your coupon program has made it a little easier. I save an average of $60 a week using the coupons I get from you. Thank you so much. I have already told my mom about your website and she has joined."
V. L., Eugene, OR

"Your program is the best one I've seen so far. I have used other coupon clipping services in the past that require you order through the mail. It takes so long to get your coupons that it almost isn't worth it. With your program I know exactly what I'm getting at the time I order. The coupons always get here quick. You have a great program!"
P. B., San Antonio, TX

"I don't know who's happier about your program, me or my husband. The coupons arrive faster than I expect. I've been using your program for a little over 8 months now and almost have enough money put aside from the savings to pay for our vacation this summer in full! I'll send you a picture from Florida!"
T. P., Upper Greenwood Lake, NJ

"So far a great job. Thank you"
Marsha Schilson, Hamilton, IL

"I just love saving money. Everyone calls me the coupon queen, I can really save. I dont go any were with out them. I have used all of them on the first order."
Karen Richardson, Martinsville, IN

"I have always been a good shopper. With a family of 7 you have to be. I look for great deals and keep my deep freeze and pantry packed full. Your program has made it even easier to save money. I would recommend this program to anyone who is responsible for spending the families money on groceries."
J. R., Staten Island, NY

"To Whom It May Concern, With my last coupons you inquired about what I thought of your about your service. On the whole I am very pleased. We use most of the coupons when we shop. My husband gets a real kick when he can save a few dollars this way. Then he feels he can splurge on some treats.."
Amy Green, Rapid River, MI

"Dear Sirs, Just a short note to comment on your service. Excellent in all respects. The turn around time is great. The coupons save me (us) many dollars at the store, particularly on double and triple days. We appreciate this very much"
R.E. Wion, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"This service you provide is wonderful. I have been a coupon clipper for many years. The little extras I buy myself come from the money I save from coupons. Much Thanks"
Mrs. H. Wambolt, Ft. Leavenworth, KS

"I thank you for your processing of my orders for coupons, I especially am happy when I get coupons for Pedialyte, Bounce, Cheer, Tide Downy, Tidy Cat Litter, Wishbone, & HVR Dressings and many others. I have seven great grand children under the age of 3 so all the coupons help my grand children so much. Thank you"
Mary E. Shelton, Charleston, SC

"It is wonderful getting coupons you can use. We are on special diets because of diabetes therefore we cant use coupons unless they are fat free or low in sugar such as "light" low sugar-caffine free"
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Parke, Indianapolis, IN

"Dear coupon people I have saved so much money using your program. I love it. You have the best coupons ever. Thank you"
Mrs. EZ Wiss, Sun City, AZ

"Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this program. The coupons really come in handy on grocery day. Our local Weis market has triple off coupons usually once a month and that really helps out. Sometimes the items are on sale and with the coupons and sale price, I can sometimes get items for free. P.S. The way prices of things are now a days, a person needs all the help he or she can get"
Kathy Barton, Breezewood, PA

"Thank you for your prompt response to every coupon order that I have ever sent. This is a great program. On my last grocery bill I saved $49.57 in coupon savings. Thank-You"
Hazel Jett, Wooster, OH

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The major drawback to just cutting your own coupons is that it takes precious time to find them, cut them out, and keep them organized. Plus, your coupon selection is significantly limited to what is available in your local area and the amount of time you have to cut them. At, our team hand cuts coupons from newspapers all over the country which gives you access to national coupons that you would not normally have access to.


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Many coupon services take weeks to send you your coupons. And they only let you order one of each coupon. With, your order comes in just a few days - and you can order multiple versions of each coupon - so if there's a product you really want to stock up on - you can.


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